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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Create Your Own Image

Everyone is a critic
Everyone has a facebook or twitter or youtube account
and because of this
Everyone has an opinion.

When it comes to your professional or business life…
do you want others to create an opinion for you
Do you want to tell the world who you are and what you do?

There is only ONE way to do this

through the media, best-selling books, news releases and pr

You must take an aggressive and strategic stand to create a genuine
and true image of who you really are

Love, Fatima

Do you wear bunny-ears?

My friend showed me a picture of a man sitting in a coffee shop with bunny ears on.
He looks sad.
He looks alone.
People around him are speaking in hushed tones.
The locals seem to know him.
“Why is he wearing those bunny-ears? Is it for Halloween?”
“No” says some other people.
His daughter asked him to wear those ears until she returned home.
That day, his wife and his daughter got into a car accident and both died.
That man has been wearing those ears every day since that day.

Do you wear bunny-ears in your life?

Do you have a story of pain and grief that you cannot release?

Sometimes our identities become attached to our stories.
We cannot let go because our stories make us who we are
Who would you be without your stories?