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Will my special-needs son be okay without me?

My son Tarik forgot his schedule today and missed his bus to school. Tarik has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegic and scoliosis.
I was waiting for him at his school because we had an appointment for an important meeting.
As I was wondering where he was, my phone rang.
It was Tarik, telling me that he missed the bus and there was some confusion and he was back at home.
So I drove home to figure this whole thing out.
Having children is a worry.

Having a child with special-needs is a bigger worry.

Today – I got very emotional….. I cried….
wondering about Tarik’s future
His life vs my life
The length of mine vs the length of his
Would he be okay when I made my transition?
How would he cope?
What skills can I teach him?
Would he remember them?
and the questions continued
as I sobbed and reached out to my Creator.

Allah SWT does what HE wants

We all belong to Him

Is my worry a form of atheism?

Do I not trust my Lord – who took care of Tarik before I touched his little face?
Do I not trust my Lord – who fashioned all of us?
Do I not trust my Lord – who saved me from a violent abusive marriage?
Do I not trust my Lord – who saved me from my own transgressions?

A time of contemplation

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