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Are All Men The Same?

A few years ago I was contacted by some big agencies and organizations who wanted me to be their front spokesperson.

I would represent their values
I would speak to the media
I would do the interviews and answer the questions.

Since I had experienced so much violence and abuse — and then left that situation, rebuild my life and helped my children thrive — I seem to have the tenacity, perseverance and look they wanted.

Everything seemed good

Money was good
Exposure was good
Platform was good.

As I asked more questions and did more research and talked to more people —-
An interesting picture was appearing.

Some of these organizations wanted me to “men-bash” putting them down, hurting men and abusing them.
The problem was — I didn’t feel that way at all. I still don’t. I believe that we are a team. Men and women — working together side-by-side.

One man and his family abused me, violated me and hurt me. That does not mean that all men are bad!!! I refuse to put all men in one bucket and label them with a blanket label.

I’m a loving-god-conscious mother raising four incredible boys who are becoming respectful and kind citizens of the world who respect themselves and respect others.

Many women are hurt by men — so they close their hearts because they are afraid to get hurt again.
There’s only one problem with this — if you close your heart — the bad guys cannot get in and neither can the good guys.

Is that the kind of life you want to live?

Love, Fatima


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