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Will my special-needs son be okay without me?

My son Tarik forgot his schedule today and missed his bus to school. Tarik has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegic and scoliosis.
I was waiting for him at his school because we had an appointment for an important meeting.
As I was wondering where he was, my phone rang.
It was Tarik, telling me that he missed the bus and there was some confusion and he was back at home.
So I drove home to figure this whole thing out.
Having children is a worry.

Having a child with special-needs is a bigger worry.

Today – I got very emotional….. I cried….
wondering about Tarik’s future
His life vs my life
The length of mine vs the length of his
Would he be okay when I made my transition?
How would he cope?
What skills can I teach him?
Would he remember them?
and the questions continued
as I sobbed and reached out to my Creator.

Allah SWT does what HE wants

We all belong to Him

Is my worry a form of atheism?

Do I not trust my Lord – who took care of Tarik before I touched his little face?
Do I not trust my Lord – who fashioned all of us?
Do I not trust my Lord – who saved me from a violent abusive marriage?
Do I not trust my Lord – who saved me from my own transgressions?

A time of contemplation

Balancing Home, Business & Health

In today’s world – we want more. More money. More connection. More love. More free time.

Get up early. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning. The morning air is pure and refreshing. It refreshes your body and mind and prepares you for a whole day. It also gives you some extra time to do things when the world is sleeping. You can use this time to plan, work and pray.

Start your day thanking God
Praying is the most important part of your life. It calms your mind and makes you feel close to God.

Go to bed early
If you want to wake up early, you need to go to bed early. Sleep is vital so you can function optimally.

Fitness is necessary to keep the balance in your work and life. So exercise! Move, stretch, run, laugh and have some fun.

Plan your day
Every weekend make a list of everything important in the week. Every night — plan the next day — down to every minute. Time is the only resource that is finite. them.

Hire a maid or cleaner. Hire help in every single activity where you can clone yourself

Give yourself some time to relax
Find some time for yourself. It may be 15 minutes in the day while you will sit alone and have a cup of tea. Think about the happy moments and smile and dream bigger

Let me know if I missed anything important

Love, Fatima

How Women Give Away Their Power

Women are givers.

You give to your parents
You give to your siblings
You give to everyone

Most women give for reasons of gaining love and acceptance….
and when you don’t get that back in return, you become resentful

When you rely on others to accept you rather than you accepting yourself – you give away your power.

So – how do you take back your power?

You truly and deeply love and accept yourself.


Your flaws
Your imperfections
Your past.

Love, Fatima

Create Your Own Image

Everyone is a critic
Everyone has a facebook or twitter or youtube account
and because of this
Everyone has an opinion.

When it comes to your professional or business life…
do you want others to create an opinion for you
Do you want to tell the world who you are and what you do?

There is only ONE way to do this

through the media, best-selling books, news releases and pr

You must take an aggressive and strategic stand to create a genuine
and true image of who you really are

Love, Fatima

Do you wear bunny-ears?

My friend showed me a picture of a man sitting in a coffee shop with bunny ears on.
He looks sad.
He looks alone.
People around him are speaking in hushed tones.
The locals seem to know him.
“Why is he wearing those bunny-ears? Is it for Halloween?”
“No” says some other people.
His daughter asked him to wear those ears until she returned home.
That day, his wife and his daughter got into a car accident and both died.
That man has been wearing those ears every day since that day.

Do you wear bunny-ears in your life?

Do you have a story of pain and grief that you cannot release?

Sometimes our identities become attached to our stories.
We cannot let go because our stories make us who we are
Who would you be without your stories?

Hard Hearts

I watched those awful videos of angry people on buses cursing, swearing and humiliating Muslims. The woman that wanted to kick the pregnant lady. The man who threw the old mans walker out of the bus.

Have you noticed that cranky, negative and angry people are cranky and negative and angry all the time?

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

The Prophet SAAS was kind with everyone — even his enemies.

Sad people are sad in all areas of their lives.
Happy people are happy in all areas of their lives.
Abrasive people are abrasive in all areas of their lives.

Once the bus stopped — those people went home.
The victims were bruised emotionally and mentally. They will feel sore for a short while.
Think about the perpetrators– think about their families. Their co-workers. Their circles. Their children.

Why do I ask such a question?
Because they are cranky, negative and angry all the time.
They live with that hate inside of them.

Stay soft
Stay gentle
Stay loving
Allah loves soft hearts.

When Allah wants something bad for you – HE will harden your heart.


Make Space For Abundance

Today I’m making way for MORE ABUNDANCE.

I’m purging
giving away
letting go

anything in my closet that is BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS and OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE ……

and I have NOT WORN in TWO years is being folded up gently and driven over to the Muslim Welfare Centre for Abused Women so they can feel BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS and RAVISHING.

I called Sister Afia Siddiqi — she is the manager there and she is expecting me inshaAllah
I feel so good right now


What is your life are you HOLDING ONTO that needs to go?
Physical Things?
Emotional Stuff?

You know exactly what you need to do, don’t you?

DO IT with love, compassion and gratitude

Love, Fatima


Allah made oppression haraam for Him

If Allah made oppression haraam for Himself and He is The King of All Kings, where do we as humans give ourselves the right to oppress another and to oppress ourselves?

Oppression takes place in countries by kings and presidents
Oppression takes place in companies by managers and bosses
Oppression takes place in families by mothers and fathers

if you are being oppressed, abused and humiliated — why do you stay?

do not answer quickly…

… sit and think about your response for a day or two


and find out the answer — the true answer for why you stay

in the meantime, you can listen to this powerful call on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE

Love, Fatima

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Are All Men The Same?

A few years ago I was contacted by some big agencies and organizations who wanted me to be their front spokesperson.

I would represent their values
I would speak to the media
I would do the interviews and answer the questions.

Since I had experienced so much violence and abuse — and then left that situation, rebuild my life and helped my children thrive — I seem to have the tenacity, perseverance and look they wanted.

Everything seemed good

Money was good
Exposure was good
Platform was good.

As I asked more questions and did more research and talked to more people —-
An interesting picture was appearing.

Some of these organizations wanted me to “men-bash” putting them down, hurting men and abusing them.
The problem was — I didn’t feel that way at all. I still don’t. I believe that we are a team. Men and women — working together side-by-side.

One man and his family abused me, violated me and hurt me. That does not mean that all men are bad!!! I refuse to put all men in one bucket and label them with a blanket label.

I’m a loving-god-conscious mother raising four incredible boys who are becoming respectful and kind citizens of the world who respect themselves and respect others.

Many women are hurt by men — so they close their hearts because they are afraid to get hurt again.
There’s only one problem with this — if you close your heart — the bad guys cannot get in and neither can the good guys.

Is that the kind of life you want to live?

Love, Fatima