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Hard Hearts

I watched those awful videos of angry people on buses cursing, swearing and humiliating Muslims. The woman that wanted to kick the pregnant lady. The man who threw the old mans walker out of the bus.

Have you noticed that cranky, negative and angry people are cranky and negative and angry all the time?

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

The Prophet SAAS was kind with everyone — even his enemies.

Sad people are sad in all areas of their lives.
Happy people are happy in all areas of their lives.
Abrasive people are abrasive in all areas of their lives.

Once the bus stopped — those people went home.
The victims were bruised emotionally and mentally. They will feel sore for a short while.
Think about the perpetrators– think about their families. Their co-workers. Their circles. Their children.

Why do I ask such a question?
Because they are cranky, negative and angry all the time.
They live with that hate inside of them.

Stay soft
Stay gentle
Stay loving
Allah loves soft hearts.

When Allah wants something bad for you – HE will harden your heart.


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