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How Bullies Keep Us Under Their Thumb If We Allow It

Bullies are something that everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Knowing how bullies keep us under their thumb can help you start figuring out a way to get out from under their thumb.

It may take time and courage to get away from that bully, but it most definitely can be achieved if you understand what they are doing so you can find ways to stop it. Here are the ways that they use to keep people under their thumbs.

1. Intimidation – Many bullies will pick on people that are smaller than they are. This gives them a feeling of being in power because most people won’t fight back. When a bully that is bigger than you wants to start a fight, then fight back, not physically, but stand up to them and let them know you are not afraid of them.

Most bullies will back down if you fight back with your words because they don’t want to fight; they just want someone to be afraid of them so they can feel empowered. By standing up for yourself, or getting help to stand up for yourself from friends or family, you can easily stop anymore bullying.

2. Verbal abuse – Many bullies like to verbally abuse people because they feel empowered by it. Again, standing up for yourself is the best way to handle this. Let them know that you are not afraid of them and that what they are saying is not having any affect on you at all.

Be sure of yourself and who you are and no one will be able to bully you. If you are having problems doing that, then get help from someone that can stand up to the bully with you for support.

3. Fear – Every bully likes it when their victims feel fear of them. By showing a bully that you are going to stand up for yourself and not be afraid of them, most bullies will back off because it isn’t fun for them anymore.

4. Physical abuse – There are some really mean bullies that will physical abuse you to keep you under their thumb. When you are dealing with this kind of bully, you don’t want to try and stop them yourself.

Get help from the authorities or whoever you have to because if you don’t, then the abuse will get worse and could even end up ending your life some day.

Now that you understand how bullies keep us under their thumbs and some different ways you can use to stop them from bullying you, it won’t be as hard as you think it will. You now have the power to stop bullies if you can find the courage to face them and let them know you won’t stand for it anymore. No one should be bullied and you can now stop it.

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