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The mission for Spiritual Biz Moms™ is to empower women to live their best life through entrepreneurship. We believe when a woman is healthy (mentally, physically and spiritually) she is able to live her true purpose (her big WHY!) and create positive change in the world. We also believe when a woman is financially independent, she makes decisions from a healthier place on behalf of herself and her family. And when you teach a woman how to achieve financial independence, you empower many generations to come. For more information on the our educational products and services, go to


Fatima Omar Khamissa

Fatima is a Visionary Entrepreneur and Mentor for Women. She is CEO and Founder of Spiritual Biz Moms, where she helps women live their best life. She is also the creator of the hugely successful Possibilities Conference for Women. Fatima left an abusive marriage after 21 years, taking with her five children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She used this transformational journey as a springboard to create change in her own life. As an international speaker, life coach and trainer, Fatima focuses on helping women be more radiant and ravishing while they grow their businesses without sacrificing their values. She is the author What is Verbal Abuse, Fearless Faith and 50 Ways to Brand Yourself Online She has appeared on Wise Woman Radio, Spiritually Raw Radio, Tonya Freeman Radio Show and G98.7fm Some of the places that Fatima has spoken at include Syeda Khadijah Centre, TARIC, RIS Sisterhood, Smile, Women’s Renew Weekend, Fit Muslimah Summit, International Networking Day, The Calgary Islamic Conference, #140 Social Media, The Possibilities Conference and The Weekend in the Woods She was the first international radio show host on and her publications have been published in Good Life Toronto and Azizah Magazine.

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Connect with Fatima at: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Fatima Omar Khamissa


Fatima Omar Khamissa speaking

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Balance and Spirituality
  • Making sense of the Confusion and Overwhelm
  • Steps to Elevate your Well Being
  • Self Love and Self Respect
  • Domestic Violence
  • We Train Other how to Treat us
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Life After Abuse and Divorce
  • This is not your Parents Marriage
  • Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy
  • What Would Khadijah RA Do?
  • Choosing to be a Woman in Islam