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Speak Up For Yourself and Easily Become a Recovering Doormat

Are you being treated like a doormat? Are you sick and tired of people walking all over you? Are you ready to change your situation? If you answered yes, then I want to congratulate you for making such a wise and courageous decision to grow a spine and stand up for yourself. The most important step that you must make to become a recovering doormat is to just speak up. Speaking up for yourself is an awesome way for you to take your power back and create boundaries to stop others from taking advantage of you.

Being a doormat to someone you care about is a very hard situation to be in and to get yourself out of. You have to realize that you as an individual person deserve respect and to not be talked down to all the time.

Your opinions, wants and needs matter also because you are important. Trying to get yourself away from being a doormat may not seem easy at first, but when you can stand up and say, that is enough, I will not be treated this way anymore, you will find that things will quickly change for the better.

You are the only one that can decide that you have had enough of being treated as a doormat and that you don’t deserve it, no matter what the person doing it to you says to you. We train people how to treat us. When you decide that you have had enough of the abuse, that is when the change starts happening. One small tiny step every day will make significant changes in your self confidence. It starts with you making a decision to say yes to yourself. It is important to always remember that any behavior that you do for other people that leaves you feeling bad or hurt means that things need to change immediately.

Speaking up for yourself is the best way you can fight back. Positive thinking will also help you undo the negative thoughts that you have from being being treated like a doormat.

Recovering from being someone’s doormat, speaking your mind and changing your way of thinking about yourself, takes time. The most important step is making up your mind and then sticking to it.

All it takes is one time of speaking your mind and feeling empowered that you are finally doing something good for you, for it to start becoming a habit. No one has the right to walk all over you or demand that you do things their way. You are an important person in your own right and deserve to be treated as such.

So now that you know how to become a recovering doormat, you need to get started right away. Don’t let it continue any longer because what you want and need Tulsa web design services company important just like everyone else. Speak up, use positive thinking and gain confidence in yourself so that others will never be able to use you as a doormat again.

Heralded as “The Queen of Transformation,” Fatima Omar Khamissa is a specialist in helping women find their voices. For your FR*EE report “5 secrets to staying empowered – even if your world is falling apart” Go to NOW

Fatima is highly sought after for her expertise in understanding human behavior and relationship dynamics. She offers fresh perspectives and principles based on proven strategies that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. She is the perfect combination of knowledge and the ability to hold the space of love where powerful transformation happens. Fatima is a single mother of five who chooses to home-school her children. She uses her own incredible life transformation of enduring an abusive marriage of 21 years to teach and empower women to have the courage and confidence to step into their own brilliance.

As an internet marketing consultant, parent, abused woman and life coach, she is dedicated to helping women globally remove their pain, overwhelm and fear, so that they may be grounded and feel confident enough to step into their God-Given Potential.