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Fatima Omar Khamissa created the Success Club® for all levels of entrepreneurs…and those who are ready to make the leap to becoming one. This is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Fatima and her teachings at a very affordable rate – just $9.97 a month! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Once a month, you’ll be on the phone with Fatima and special expert guests, as they cover marketing and success topics designed to grow your business—and revenues.

Here’s What You Get as a SBM Success Club® Member:

  • A MONTHLY CALL with Fatima and her special expert guests. All you need to participate is a phone. (No software or internet required.)
  • AN ACTION WORKSHEET to use during the call, to help you better retain and implement what you learn.
  • A RECORDING of the call as a digital MP3, so you can download it and enjoy in your success library for years to come.

Please note you are never required to attend a call live. We know you’re busy, so that’s why we give you the full recording and handout This way you don’t have to be concerned about schedule conflicts. As long as you’re a member, you can access these materials up to 90 days after each call airs.

BONUS #1: Get 3 FREE SBM Success Club® Audios INSTANTLY When You Join Today!

As a special thank-you, Fatima also wants to gift you with 3 FREE audios of the most recent Success Club® calls. You can download these INSTANTLY once you join right now, to get started right away.

BONUS #2: SBM Success Club® Members SAVE 10% Off ALL Fatima’s Products and Courses

Once you join SBM Success Club®, you’ll enjoy 10% off any NEW purchase you make on Fatima’s products and courses. Whether it’s saving on a hot new telecourse or one of Fatima’s award-winning products, this benefit alone will practically pay for your membership, while enhancing your success library.

“Yes, Fatima, I’d like to join your SBM Success Club® for just $9.97 a month!

I understand for that low investment I’ll enjoy monthly phone calls with you and your special expert guests, and I’ll learn marketing and success topics designed to grow my business—and income. I’ll also receive access to digital recordings of each call, plus an action worksheet that I can download for up to 90 days, so I won’t have to be concerned with scheduling conflicts. AND I even get 3 FREE audios of the most recent SBM Success Club® calls instantly! And I understand if I’d like to cancel anytime, I can simply let you know via phone or email, and future charges will be immediately canceled. Don’t wait — get started now.

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